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ProjectBid Date/TimeStatusCategoryOwner(s)
Construction - Building: Jackson State University (JSU) - Elevator Maintenance Program
Architectural/Engineering: Professional Planning Services City of Westwego, Louisiana Safe Streets & Roads For All Action Plan
Construction - Building: New Boat Shop White Lake Wetlands Conservation Area
Construction - Building: Neshoba County Coliseum Storage Addition
Construction - Infrastructure: Wastewater Facility Improvement Project – Phase 3
Construction - Infrastructure: City of Columbia - Sanitary Sewer & Water System Rehabilitation
Construction - Infrastructure: City of Columbia - Water & Wastewater Improvements
Construction - Building: Covington Clinic Demolition for St. Tammany Health System
Construction - Building: Phase I Demolition & Abatement Northwest Louisiana State Office Building
Construction - Building: Salmen High School, Chiller Replacement